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Tour Grassmere's 9 Hole Course Below:
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  HOLE 1   386 yrds Par 4

A challenging start to your round with out of bounds both left and right.  A drive down the left side of the fairway is ideal and will open up the approach on this dog-leg right hole.  Be accurate on your iron shot to avoid the deep bunkers that guard the green.

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  HOLE 2   385 yrds Par 4
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This dog-leg right hole is best played with a left center drive, avoiding the treeline along the entire right side of the fairway.  You will now be looking gradually up-hill to a moderately raised green.  A solid accurate approach shot is a must to avoid very difficult chip shots to save par.

  HOLE 3   404 yrds Par 4

Starting from a raised tee, you can let the drive out here, with minor tree impact both left and right.  Your approach shot is straight away but be careful of the humps and mounds around the apron of the green, making it difficult to get close to the pin.

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  HOLE 4  409 yrds Par 4

The number one handicap hole will need a long left center drive, avoiding a small pound, out of bounds, and troublesome trees along the right side of the fairway, A long blind uphill second shot will demand accuracy to the green eliminating a right side bunker.  Impossible recovery shots will face you , if you are over the green w/ your approach

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  HOLE 5   167 yrds Par 3

Looks easy, and could be, but be alert.  A raised tee offers a beautiful view down to the green.  However, a brook and out of bounds to the left; a pondtucked in close to the putting surface on the right; as well as tricky pin positioning demaind an accourate shot.

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  HOLE 6   466 yrds Par 5
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Length is not the dominant factor here.  A sharp dog-leg right, with out of bounds both left and right, as well as a right side pond, and a brook running all the way to the green requires precise shot making on both your first and second shot.  Not being too aggressive will bring you rewards in the end.

  HOLE 7
  301 yrds Par 4

Think your way through this short dog-leg right hole.  Out of bounds left, as well as winding brook along the right side of the fairway, all the way to the green, requires exact club selection.  A semi-blind second shot to a sloping putting surace will need your full attention.

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  HOLE 8   348 yrds Par 4

Last chance to hit your big drive, staying left center to take advantage of a fairway that slopes down and to the right.  A winding brook protects the right side fairway, and runs its entire length.  An open green invites your best iron shot to a relatively flat surface but the brook will keep your first and second shots more than interesting

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  HOLE 9
  165 yrds Par 3

Take enough club here to carry this up-hill, semi blind green.  Playing short and/or to the right will bring a winding brook into play, and make recovery sots extremely difficult.  A severly slopped putting surface will test your nerves and your skill.

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Note: There are 4 sets of tees at grassmere so playing a second nine will give players plenty of options